14 Unique Features

  1. See all your child’s previous locations and routes

  2. Listen-In (Voice monitoring): Make sure your child is well and hear what’s happening in their surroundings.

  3. Two-Way Calling:Your watch can call and receive call from white list numbers (Contacts) stored on your mobile app.

  4. Quadruple location mode, WiFi, GPS, AGPS, LBS (Real time Tracking) updated every 1min; with wifi you can track your child even indoor.

  5. SOS Button:With single press, your child will call immediately in case of panic; you will also receive a notification for this SOS.

  6. Safe-Zone (Geo-fence) :you can set a safe area for your child, his watch will send you alert if your child left that area.

  7. Chat Voice & Text:You can Voice or text chats to your child and he can send you voice chat also. 

  8. Fitness Pedometer (Activities tracker):Track your child steps, calories, etc.. 

  9. Make Friend feature:Two watch have the same model can be friends and chat together ( this feature is controlled by parents.

  10. School Period Lock:Set a period that your child watch will not communicate with other, use this for the class privacy.

  11. Anti-Lost Alarm:if your watch was in your Bluetooth range, you can force it to give loud sound.

  12. Navigation:You can navigate to your child in real time

  13. Parents Rewards features:When your child do good job, send him a heart to his watch to show him your love and to encourage him doing better.

  14. Wearing sensor:You will receive alert to your mobile for every time your child removes his watch.

  15. Simple Math game ( Y17 only)

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