Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I can’t login to my APP.

A1: Please be sure that you had selected the correct area on your mobile app, it is located next to the word "language".


Q2: What happen if I forgot password?

A2: From you app, tap forgot password and follow the instructions.

If you didn’t find the verification email in your inbox then please check your junk emails.


Q3: Are there any long terms contracts?

A3: No, your plan is prepaid, No cancellation fees, cancel at the end of your plan purchased period for free. Please refer to speedtalkmobile terms of services.


Q4: How to make a call to my watch?

A4: you have 2 ways:



Q5: Why my SOS Button Calls 1 number only.

A5: If first number answered your SOS call then it will not dial the next number.

in your case, your voice mail system answered your watch call, if you want your watch to call the 3 SOS numbers, then you should disable your voice mail system. 


Q6: I received my watch with an offer of one month free wise plan, when this free month will start ?

A6: Your free month will start only when you decide to activate your plan, you can activate your plan anytime within one year of your purchase.


Q7: While registration i wrongly selected my area as Europe instead of North America, my watch shows that it is not connected to the internet, what to do ?

A7: Don't worry, simply re-register again using a different email address and at this time choose your area as North America.

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