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All GPS watches in the market require data plan the cheapest plan in the market, $5/ month, Cancel any time, no contract, no hidden fees, no cancellation fees. 


You can buy your plan from speedtalkmobile click here 

or go to

enter the 19 digit simcard number that you received with your watch, enter the numbers only, don't enter any alphabet. 

choose top value plan for $5/ month.


Please note that your watch can receive and make calls, send text and use data up to your plan limit only, $5/ month will be enough for standard use, if your child will be calling you a lot then you may consider buying a higher value plan, however we advice you to start with $5 and you can change or upgrade any time.  

Your plan and simcard are provided by speedtalkmobile.

We have no relation with speedtalkmobile, your plan usage, renewal, refill, coverage is a relation between you and speedtalkmobile only. 

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