Plan Details

All GPS watches in the market require data plan.

If you bought your watch with wise plan please note that this plan is prepaid, No Contract, No Subscription fees, No cancellation fees.

You can renew month to month

Your plan Includes 250 unites to use them within one month from activation date.

each 1 unit = 2 cents

We advice to Keep 30 units for Location updates and manual location

Use the rest of units for 2200 short chat messages or 220 min of calling or the combine of both.

Your plan and simcard are provided by speedtalkmobile.

your plan is $5 manageable pay as you go plan.

as per speedtalkmobile each 1 min voice call or part of min ( calling or receiving ) will consume 2 cents, each sms will consume 2 cents, each 1 mb data will consume 2 cents.

FamGuards has no relation with speedtalkmobile, your plan usage, renewal, refill, coverage is a relation between you and speedtalkmobile only.




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