Subject to the exclusions contained below, famguards llc warrants its devices to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal consumer usage for the term of coverage outlined below. This limited warranty is a consumer’s exclusive remedy, and applies as follows only to new devices purchased from us.

The products shall be covered under this warranty for a period of 30 days from the date of your purchase.
The following are excluded from coverage under this warranty:
Periodic maintenance, repair and replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear are excluded from coverage;
Batteries. Only batteries whose fully charged capacity falls below 80% of their rated capacity and batteries that leak are covered by this limited warranty;
Devices not purchased on www.famguards.com are excluded from coverage;
Misuse, defects or damage that results from:
(i) Improper operation, storage, misuse, accident or neglect, such as physical damage (cracks, scratches, etc.) To the surface of the product resulting from misuse;

(ii) Some of our devices are water resistant but they are not waterproof, water, liquid damage is not covered under warranty

(iii) The watch bands are not designed to withstand pulling, tugging, biting, ripping or other mistreatment. Damage as a result of this treatment is not covered under warranty.

(iv) Charger cable and charging pin are not covered; misuse of inserting the charger cable in the watch charging pin in wrong way which may damage the charging pin is not covered by this warranty.

(v) Free products, packages, services are not covered by this warranty

Unauthorized service or modification. Defects or damages resulting from service, testing, adjustment, installation, maintenance, alteration, including without limitation, software changes, or modification in any way are excluded from coverage;
Devices with
(i) IMEI or code numbers that have been removed or altered or obliterated;

(ii) Broken seals or that shows evidence of tampering;

(iii) Mismatched board serial numbers;

Transferability: This warranty extends only to the first consumer purchaser, and is not transferable.
Discounted products: All products, packages, services purchased with discount 50% or more are covered for 15 days only instead of 30 days.
Actions: FamGuards LLC, at its option, will at no charge repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any product.

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