Fireplace Fan 8 Blades Wall-Mounted Heat Powered Stove Fan Double-Headed Eco Quiet Energy Saving Home Efficient Heat Distribute


Clamp Type Double Head 8-blade Fireplace Fan

Material: aluminum alloy profile

Number of blades: 8

Air volume CFM: 180-230

Motor speed: 950-1250rpm

Noise: ≦35db

Colour: Black

Starting temperature: 45℃-65℃

The best working temperature: 60℃-250℃

Maximum temperature: 350℃


1. This stove fan is driven by converting heat into energy and does not use any batteries or electricity.

2. The operating temperature range is about: 140°F/60°C~662°F/350°C, the higher the temperature, the faster it starts to rotate. NOTE: The temperature cannot exceed 662°F when using the furnace fan.

3. Can circulate heat in the room.

4. This cooktop fan is silent and quiet.

Product Advantages:

1. Helps to improve the faster circulation and circulation of the heat energy emitted by the fireplace

2. Helps distribute hot air more evenly throughout the room.

3. Accelerate the rise of hot air and the descent of cold air, so that the room temperature is uniform and comfortable

4. Bass, self-generating, no battery or electricity required, low temperature start, save fuel, enjoy the heat faster from the stove.

Package includes 1:

1x Stove fan

Package includes 2:

1x Stove fan + 1x Thermometer

Package includes 3:

1x Thermometer

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