May 03, 2017


I still remember that joyful moment when I carried my child for the first time of his life, how cute he was, looking at me with his wondered eyes, I remember his first word, and his first crawl, how he used to jump on my back with full of happiness.

He is seven years now, no more crawling or jumping on my back.

Two years ago I started to feel guilty for telling him “No” and “don’t” most of the times.

  • No, you can’t play outside.
  • No you can’t stay at the park alone.
  • Don’t forget to return your books to the school library.
  • Don’t leave the school gate till I reach.

And when we are in public area with crowds; our journey turns to bad nightmare

  • Don’t run away of my sight, stay close to me.
  • Don’t walk behind me, let me see you always.

Yes I do love my kids a lot, but I am always worried about them.

  • I am late to pick my kids from school
  • My child has soccer practice, but his sister has dancing practice at the same time, what to do?
  • I am waiting out of his school but my child didn’t show up.
  • My little girl has a field trip; I am so scared to send her alone.
  • And many other things in our minds, it is always about our kids’ safety.

So why don’t we buy them a mobile phone?

At the beginning I thought of this idea but later I realized that it creates a reassuring invisible link and kids can communicate with strangers, also they may lose it from first day, actually most parents say they regret this purchase, 

I really need someone to help me in taking care of my children.

Finally I got my best assistant.

The wonders of technology!

GPS trackers are now getting better and better, they became a part of our everyday life and our children are not left behind.

GPS watch for kids will be your eye and ear when you can’t be there; it is affordable, colorful and gives you peace of mind, and freedom for your kids

So what you can do with your child GPS watch ?

  • Track your children and know where they are all the time.

You have 3 map models to choose including earth map.

  • Navigate to your child: Touch navigation icon and your app will guide to where your child is located.
  • Call your child at anytime
  • Send him chat message: when he is at school and you don’t want to disturb other students.
  • Voice monitoring: to know what is going on around him.
  • Your child can call up to 15 numbers, you will set these numbers from your mobile app, and your child can’t communicate with any other number or stranger.
  • Your child can call you with one touch to SOS button in case of panic.
  • Set geo-fence (Safety area) for your kid: Drop your child at the park then using your app circle that park, you will receive notification on your mobile if your child left that park.
  • Give him the rewards that he deserves, when he do good job, send him a heart to his watch.
  • Track his health activities with fitness pedometer.

Yes! It is the technology.

Your child deserves his freedom.

With this purchase you are not buying a kids GPS watch, you are buying your peace of mind.

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